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Facebook acquires popular teen polling app ‘tbh’

Facebook Recently acquired a two-month-old teen polling app called tbh—Which means “To Be Bonest”— This teen polling app acquired by Facebook, lets people send each other positive feedback through anonymous, quiz-style polls. The app is basically for teenagers, and it has been a viral hit in the US.

Facebook probably took notice, as a result of the application (according to the company’s post concerning the acquisition) has been downloaded by over five million individuals over the past few weeks. It presently has 2.5 million daily users despite solely being available in choose states. Facebook paid “less than $100 million” for the startup. Tbh co-founders, Nikita Bier, Erik Hazzard, Kyle zaragoza, and Nicolas Ducdodon, would move to Facebook’s headquarters, and continue operating the app as reported Business Insider.

About To Be Bonest (TBH)

The app called TBH is popular with teenagers in the US, this app allows it users to create polls based on set questions like “who makes you Smile.” Users would then select few contacts on their phone “up to 4 contacts”. However, the sender of the poll remains unknown to the receiver, unless he/she decides to reveal their identity. As said by TBH,  Upto five million people have downloaded TBH, sending more than 1 billion messages with the app.

This app creators’ goal is to build a community where people would feel happier and be more confident about themselves.

Indeed A Great Initiative


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