How to Run Multiple Accounts App on Android (Tips & Tricks)

There are lot of reasons why users would want to access multiple online accounts at once. Do you want to know how to run multiple accounts app on android? If yes, There is an app for that.

Although few apps are adopting the multiple accounts feature because of how helpful it is, apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have already integrated this feature, but what about some other apps that haven’t?. The likes of Whatsapp, Snapchat, Uber, LinkedIn and others. Myself, I don’t like logging out from one account to another, or installing OGWhatsapp. This app am about introducing will ensure you don’t need to install too many apps.

run multiple accounts app on android


How to run multiple accounts app on android with parallel space:

Install Parallel Space. which will automatically add Facebook+ and Instagram+ icon in the app drawer along with the Parallel Space app. After installing Parallel Space which is just 2.3 MB in size. You can now add any app which is already installed on your phone to its dashboard. Note that you would need to configure a new account for these apps. I have tried few app from my phone (Whatsapp, Uber, LinkedIn), and they all worked fine. Also know that there are no limitations on the number of apps you can add.

Run Multiple Accounts App on Android

Facts: Parallel Space keep working in the background and all app currently running in it will be active as long as Parallel Space is active. Therefore, you should make sure that it’s not closed by any of the task management apps you are using. The app will have high usage on battery and may require a lot of permissions, but the battery usage is the combine usage of all the apps that are currently running in Parallel Space.

if the above process is properly follow, you would successfully run multiple accounts app on android.

Note: Still needs questions about privacy and app permission. The developers have answered some questions about privacy and app permission on the XDA page that you might need to check.


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