5 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook [Tips]

things you should never post on facebook

Everyone will at first log on to Facebook to find out more about you. Most times prospective employers, college admission officers, business partners; would visit Facebook before any further step, to see if one has indulge in risky behavior or partake in dangerous act!.

Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy settings is blocking all unwanted access, There are Things You Should Never Post On Facebook. You never know where your posts and photos would get to. You might not even know what your Facebook friends can do with them ; no control over, and also, The post might Go viral to be seen by hundreds of people you’ve never heard of.

There is one way i know you can stay out of troubles, and that way is; Do not post anything inappropriate or controversial in the first place. But what are kind of things you should never post On Facebook?

Although, The list are kind of plenty, But i would be picking out my top 5.

5 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook

     1. Credit card or financial information

Some people post pictures of their credit cards on social media (Kindly stop this if you are one). Obviously, This are  details you might unintentionally give away through Facebook or Twitter conversations: what bank you use and your income range. Even your birth date and place could give hackers enough details to access your financial information. If by mistake you have done this, Please go make some corrections now.

     2. Your home and work addresses

There are a lot of people who make use of their whole address on their various Facebook profile which allows others to know where they are at the moment or their place of residence. The problem is that you have just told everyone this is were to find me. Anybody could “check in” to your apartment on Facebook (address and all ) without asking for permission.

     3. Password clues

This is an important  part of protecting your security online is avoiding posting information that might hint at the passwords you use or the security questions some services have had you answer. (If you’re still using insecure passwords, do yourself a favor and set up a password manager.) Avoid unnecessary posts about your childhood pets, the town where you grew up, or the name of your relatives — all pieces of information that a hacker could leverage against you and that your social network really doesn’t need to know.

    4. Strong political or religious opinions

Nobody’s saying you can’t have them, it’s just that very few people want to read them on Facebook. Plus, one-paragraph opinions on a social network can easily be taken out of context or misinterpreted. Why risk alienating friends or being labeled as insensitive or intolerant? Facebook activity should be kept friendly and light. Don’t post politically charged comments and don’t respond to other people who do.

    5. Reckless photos

I am actually not saying you have ever posted nude photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Posting photos of you been drunk, Private pictures or other reckless photos is a bad idea, You can’t tell if your Social networks followers are Trustworthy.

I have written my top 5 Things You Should Never Post On Facebook or on other social networks, Although there are still lot more things you should never post on social network. Do you have any? Kindly reply through the comment box bellow

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