PoS transactions in Africa, Nigeria Occupies 7th place

pos transactions in africa

Amongst African countries that transacts using the POS(point of sale), Nigeria occupies seventh position.

Before now, I thought Nigeria would even be among the top 3 african country.

Pos Transactions In Africa

According to a report by Indexmundi only 21 percent of total transactions in the country are done through the device.

South Africa stands at the top with 91 percent followed by Ghana 80 percent while Tunisia is third with 79 percent. Other countries ahead of Nigeria are Egypt, Morocco and Kenya in that order.

This same South Africa is the country with the fastest mobile internet connection in africa.

I think the reason for all this is, Kevin Chung of Avante International Technology, at the just concluded CashlessAfrica Expo, said that while the communication network and bandwidth are adequate, the data centres in the financial communities in Nigeria needs to upgrade from Tier 1-2 to Tier 3-4 to enable the cash-less economy.

Based on Fact-Findings, I think many others who need this, Still have not gotten full Enlightenment concerning this, a some still complain of inefficient network services.

Also due to some false stories about the Device, Many Nigerians  most especially non-tech savvy still feels unsecured using this form of payment. What is POS transactions in africa like.

How often do you use this device?

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