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Google’s AutoDraw App Wants You To Draw Like A Professional

Google's autodraw appGoogle’s autodraw app makes drawing easier for everyone. Definitely not every one  is good at sketching, Am one of those who can’t draw too. But with AutoDraw, Hopefully everyone could be an artist. Google recently lunched autodraw, A web app that uses machine learning algorithms to match your aimless sketch with professional drawings to make you look like what you are willing to draw.

You can make use of your phone or desktop to access this web-based app. The instructions are simple and Straightforward that even a little boy can operate it.  After visiting the Google’s autodraw app, Then you select the “Start drawing” button. There, you see the option to select the Autodraw pen and draw anything you are willing to.

I was just trying this A.I and i got an excellent result. Was trying to draw a ? glasses
Google's autodraw app
As I was trying to draw my nonsense, This web-based app quickly suggested an art above, and with one single click on the suggestion all my nonsense became sense.
Google's autodraw app
This a.i web app is fun, and can help you draw like pro. Do you want to give it a try? head over to

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