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Regular Users Can Now Go Live On Facebook Using Their Laptops.

Right before the anouncement ( Made on 22-03-2017), Regular users go live on facebook with there mobile devices only, that is, not all facebook users had access to streaming live videos with there laptops. This live stream feature is so great to be limited to smartphones only. Good New!!, Now this facebook live video features has been made available for desktop and laptop users.

go live on facebook

How do I go live on Facebook?

To go live:

•Simply go to the status update section then click What’s on your mind?.

Go live on facebook

•Next step is to click on Live Video.

Go live on facebook

•You can also write some description about your live video.

•Select the audience for your live video (Privacy).

•Click Next, Then Click on Go Live.

Go live on facebook desktop

Yeah everything is set. you are now live on facebook.

Streaming with laptop or desktop computers will be the best for covering big event, as it has the ability to use external tools or software for broadcasts.

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