Check Your Glo Data Balance, See How To

Check Glo Data Balance (Remaining MB)

Check your glo data balance, I would be listing 4 different ways i comfirmed working (Tested And Trusted. These 4 methods are listed below;

check your glo data balance

  1. First of all, one can check ones internet subscribtion balance  (data balance) via SMS, By simply send “INFO” with no quote, just send it plain to 127 then wait for the network reply concerning all details about your data balance, such as expiry date and remaining Data you have left.
  2. This second method is the one i use frequently, This method enable you to check your Glo data balance online by visiting
  3. You can also make use of USSD to check Glo data balance by dialing *127*0#. 
  4. Lastly, Dial *777#, Then follow this prompt, select your current subscription plan > Choose “Manage data” > Select “data balance” and wait for a reply message from the network. Cheers


  1. NB: This code is not for checking bonus data on Glo Bounce tariff plan, it is only for paid internet subscription.

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