How to connect and chat with Facebook friends on 2go

2go application likewise permit users to connect their 2go application to Facebook so they can chat with their Facebook friends. if you do not know what 2go application is, well, it is mobile and pc messenger that allows you to reach your friends.
How To Download 2go
From your phone internet browser, visit or  Fill in your registration details appropriately.

How To Add Facebook friends

After installing the app on your phone, go to “settings” , then , “gateways“. Click on “Facebook” Enter your facebook username and password login details. And you are done. Anytime any of your Facebook friend is online, you will surely see and be able to chat with them.

NOTE: Pls do know that your Facebook user name is different from your Facebook login email, If you’ve not created one for your Facebook account, kindly follow the step below

Go to to get your Facebook username. Once you get it from there, that it what you will make use of in your 2go chat application. Enter the password you use in logging in to Facebook in the password field and That all.
I hope this helps….

For more download instructions for 2go, visit:

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