How To Pay or Renew GoTV Subscription Online, Easiest Way

Do you use GoTV? Are you queuing on a long Que in bank to renew gotv subscription?.

How To Pay or Renew GoTV Subscription Online

Reading and following this article will reduce 99% stress of renewing your Gotv subscription and will also show you How To Pay or Renew GoTV Subscription Online at your  comfort zone

Renew GoTV Subscription


There are various ways in making this payment, but the one i will be talking about today is making use of Quickteller To Pay or Renew Your GoTV Subscription. You can make use of your mobile phone by sending SMS, Or by calling them, and also making use of your ATM Card! All you need is Computer or Smartphone, And internet connection, With your Decoder Number (ICU) and your ATM Card.

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How to Recharge or Renew GoTV Subscription Using Quickteller

1. Simply visit
2. When the website opens, click on the “Select an Option”, and choose your preferred option…

3. You will be asked to enter your email address, mobile
phone number for easy transaction report and updates via SMS, and then
enter your decoder number (ICU), which is boldly written on red background at back of your decoder.

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4. Now click on the “Continue” button and it will take you to
the secure billing/payment page where you can pay with your ATM Card.
(i.e. VISA, Master or Verve Card).

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5. Enter your ATM card details and click on “Pay Now” button, enter your Token Number to finalize your payment.

Note: Ensure your GoTV Decoder is powered ON while making the payment. (But I don’t think it is compulsory).

If you are successful with the payment for your GoTV via Quickteller Online Payment, it will take between 2 to 5 minutes for the renewal to take effect.

Quickteller will deduct extra N100 for this convenience.


Other ways to Subscribe For GoTV

You can also make use of GOTV official website.
Just go to GoTV website: or
Use this direct page: and Login with your Mobile phone number or Surname and your IUC Number.

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