Are your phones consuming much mb(megabyte)? Solve it now

The most annoying thing some smartphone users complain of is mostly related to data not enough.
There phone deducting there data very much.

I have searched and discovered this easy method to minimize your data rate. #bestdatasaving

If you are in the category of people whose data don’t last on device, then gently have your seat,As i teach on how to solve this problem.

How Will I Reduce Data Consumption on my Smartphone?

==>Reset App Update Only to Wifi: Apps on your device iOS or
Android are automatically built to update anytime the phone is connected to the internet. And at most times the application update requires much data, So reconfigure your phone to update using wifi.

For Android users, Open your Play Store app’s main screen, Move to the side  menu and choose “Settings” to get started. From there, select the “Auto-update apps” option, then select “Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only.”

iOS users should know how to go around with that from general settings.

==>No root Firewall: This application will helps you to control internet access or all your apps including background apps
running anyhow without your notice. Once your download, install it, And then run it,  You’ll see all the apps illegally consuming your data, then you can choose to block any one you want.


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